Re-defining the sports betting experience

Arena Challenge

The first in a series of innovative betting games

While retaining the fundamentals of sports betting, we have created an entirely new betting game: one that boosts the prospects of winning for players; while offering the possibility of increased profits and reduced risk for operators.

It is the first game of its kind in the iGaming industry where players compete against each other in tables, up to 11 participants, using a combination of their betting skills and strategic game play, rather than betting against the operator. It also introduces new winning possibilities whereby for example a player can get one or more selections wrong, in his bet slip, but still win.

From the perspective of the platform operator, the management and cost of team of risk managers is completely removed, as is the requirement for having any cash collateral tied up to secure any exposure from traditional betting. Additionally, the setup of tailor-made tournaments can increase significantly players' engagement levels and profits.

Arena Challenge presents a more balanced outcome for both players and operators. With our revolutionary player-vs-player gameplay philosophy, both parties may be simultaneously profitable for the very first time.

Multiplayer Betting Arena

Players compete with each other, interact and challenge each other creating a social networking platform.

Re-defining Risk Management

With Arena Challenge the players are gaining their earnings from the created pot, while the operator earns his commission.

Negative Carry Over is Removed

Affiliates can only have a positive outcome, as players compete against each other & therefore cannot have any loss.

No Collateral

The players win their opponents' money, so the operator is no longer obligated to cover possible winnings.

Huge Winnings

Deliver vast profits to the winners as the winnings are the sum of money that players wager during the game (pot).

Tournament System

We introduce for the first time in betting a comprehensive tournament system that increases player's motivation and engagement.

  • Rich in-play experience.
  • Fun Money game mode.
  • Security & support.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Mobile support.
  • Worldwide & cross network.
  • Miss out on 1 or more bets & still win.
  • Full advantage of the feed system.
  • In-game tutorial.

Arena Challenge Tutorial

Arena Challenge: Are you ready to prove.

Arena Challenge Tutorial:
How to play.

Arena Challenge's Philosophy:
The betting revolution.

Arena Challenge Step by Step:
How the winner is chosen.

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