Back Office Administration Software

The most advanced back-office administration

Avacs Pro is the ultimate “all-seeing” backend management system that will astonish you with its new cutting-edge data filters and high-end graphic user interface.

We bring you the most advanced and intuitive back-office administration software ever developed, featuring accessible reports and streamlined data management that allow you to swiftly track any user or affiliate activity.

Through our software you will have the possibility to seamlessly manage your affiliates, promotions, payments and even multiple websites simultaneously! Avacs Pro also allows you to integrate multiple modular solutions including casino, sports or any other desired third-party integration.

Affiliate System

Manage your partners and analyse each revenue stream and referral source through structured reports and a multi-level affiliate management system.

Detailed Reporting

Our user-friendly design can be set up to provide a spectacular “one stop shop” visualization of all the reports you require.

Complete User Management

Collect front-end registration data, and utilise and analyse it with our backend system. An invaluable tool for market research or to inform your clients about the latest promos!