"Our mission is to disrupt and innovate". As featured in iGaming business magazine

ArenaCube's co-founder Mr. Nikkos J. Frangos explains in the latest iGaming Business issue how ArenaCube's approach to innovation has resulted in Arena Challenge, a truly disruptive game for the betting industry:

"ArenaCube innovates in the realm of ideas, bringing new products to the industry, mainly in the form of on-line social games, so in a manner of speaking we have sidestepped the competition.

On the one hand our games give players an alternative to the existing traditional methods of betting, thereby transferring part or perhaps on occasion all of a player’s existing betting activity. However, of greater interest is the opening of new frontiers, which expands the footprint of the industry, bringing new participants into the world of betting.

Crucially as well, our game explicitly involves our competitors, bringing them together in a spirit of true collaboration."

You can read the full interview here (page 56).

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