Poker Becomes Massive

A Wider Number of Players

Up to 100,000 players can play simultaneously in each hand, leading to impressive prize pools.

Numerous strategic decisions

The wide range of game situations and the extended number of players allow endless tactics & strategic decisions.

A Wider range of table variants

Table variants that differ in game speed, participation fee, and prize pool distribution to satisfy all players' tastes.

Poker Becomes Massive:

The 1st in a series of multiplayer video poker games

  • A Massively multiplayer online game that generates
    huge pots and increases the player's winnings
    exponentially while keeping their bets low.
  • The real-time probability board allows
    players to evaluate their poker hand
    and make strategic decisions at a glance.
  • The game tips offers players
    suggestions for quick
    and easy gameplay.
  • Players can balance their risk and improve
    their chances of winning by performing
    up to 5 different draws.

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